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Here at NK Air, we are your heating and cooling specialists. We specialise in installing, repairing, maintaining, and replacing air conditioning units and heating units for your residential or commercial property in Bentleigh. If you’re looking for high-quality and professional service, choose NKAir for your air conditioning in Bentleigh. Our promise to you is that if you work with NK Air, your air conditioning in Bentleigh will be working all year round.

We provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for projects of all sizes. With our air conditioning services in Bentleigh, we aim to provide you with end-to-end solutions. Get the ultimate cooling for your home during summer. We provide quick installation services as and when you need air conditioning solutions.

Our team of highly skilled professional technicians are available for installation and repair when you need them. We’re familiar with all types of air conditioning units and systems. If you need multiple systems installed or serviced around the building, call us for air conditioning service in Bentleigh and we’ll take care of it all in a professional and timely manner. Call 0425 671 666 or alternatively you can send us a message through our website or send us an email for any service on air conditioning in Bentleigh


Air Conditioning Services

air conditioning services within bentleigh


Need air conditioning service in Bentleigh to replace and install your new air conditioning unit? When there’s just no hope left for your old aircon, NK Air Heating and Air Cooling will replace it with a brand new unit. Ask us for advice on the best system to suit your needs, we’ll take care of the rest, including disposing of the old system.

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Looking for a reliable place for air conditioning service in Bentleigh that can repair your cooling system? Let one of NK Air’s dedicated professionals come to your place to assess and fix your air conditioning unit. We’ll give you a detailed run-down of what’s wrong and provide you with advice on the best and cheapest solution for repairs or replacement. The best thing with us is that the entire work will be done in a day.

best air conditioning service within bentleigh


Save your power bills with our air conditioning service in Bentleigh! To ensure that your air conditioning unit is working at optimum efficiency, it’s a good idea to get regular tune-ups. Our passionate staff can service your aircon and make sure it’s heating and cooling as it should be. We always suggest a regular tune-up for prolonged life of the system. You also safe the hefty one time repair charges.

best air conditioning services in bentleigh


Summer in Melbourne can get dangerously hot; it’s important to stay cool and hydrated on those stinking hot days. So if your aircon breaks down during summer, don’t hesitate to call NK Air for emergency aircon repairs. We’ll fix it ASAP; don’t sweat! Any time during summers you need air conditioning service in Bentleigh, we are there. Even if you require to call us in the wee hours, feel free to do it.

best air conditioning services within bentleigh


When you’re ready for new air conditioning in Bentleigh, contact us. If it’s for a new home or office building or just to replace an old one, NK Air has got you covered. We can offer advice on the right unit for you and carry out the installation all at an affordable price! Sit back in the comfort of your home while we take full responsibility for the installation process.

Air Conditioning Service in Bentleigh

NK air offers a range of quality air conditioning services in Bentleigh. We specialise in split system air conditioning units, reverse cycle aircon, ducted air conditioning and cassette units. We can install, service and repair your unit or multiple units in your residential or commercial property. If you’ve got numerous areas of your home or business that need air conditioning installed, we can plan and install a multi-split system.

By connecting multiple internal units to one external unit, you can heat and cool your entire home quickly, which can assist with the efficiency of your cooling solution saving you on power bills!

Our expert technicians helping you with air conditioning service in Bentleigh provide you with sound advice to use your appliances efficiently to save electricity and ensure a long life for your air conditioner. We encourage all our customers to discuss their requirements and issues to get answers to all their queries.

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What is the cost of running air conditioning?

The cost of running your air conditioning in Bentleigh depends on your specific unit’s efficiency, the size of the space you’re cooling, and how often you’re using it. It’s like asking how much a road trip will cost without knowing the car’s fuel efficiency and the trip’s length. To get a clearer idea, consider having an energy assessment from NK Air, who can help estimate your aircon’s running costs.

What You Need to Know About Air Conditioning Service?

Knowing about the air conditioning service in Bentleigh is very important for a happy home. It’s like getting your car serviced; it keeps things running smoothly and avoids breakdowns. Typically, it involves checking your system’s health—cleaning filters, inspecting the thermostat, ensuring all components work properly, and topping up the gas if needed. Regular checks by professionals like NK Air improve efficiency and extend your aircon’s life.

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