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Why Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is one of the most simple, but effective, ways to heat your home. By heating water and running it through pipes beneath the floor, in the walls, or through pipes, you can heat your home efficiently and at low cost. This kind of heating is especially popular in bathrooms, as it heats up tile floors quickly. It can even be used to heat towel railings!

Besides being cheaper to run, it has a number of other benefits:

Environmentally Friendly

Hydronic heating uses far less energy than ducted heating or air conditioning. It radiates heat through your home, rather than pushing it, and your home will stay warmer for longer. Reduce carbon emissions and lower your carbon footprint.

Cleaner Air

Typical air conditioning can push airborne allergens around your home, including dust and mould. With hydronic you can breathe easier and cleaner. It’s the perfect solution for people prone to asthma and those looking to alleviate some of the negatives that can come with air heating and cooling, including dry air and irritation of the eyes and throat.

Safer for Families

While some electric and gas heaters can get very hot, hydronic systems never go above a certain temperature, and will continue to radiate safe heat through panels in your floor.

Precise Heating Where and When You Need It

Most modern hydronic heaters allow you to specify which rooms you want to heat up. Using a thermostat you can restrict heating to only certain rooms, saving energy. Multiple system configurations are also possible, and allow for endless combinations and heating options. Heat your whole home, or choose single rooms to save even more cost. We’ve even installed systems for pool heating and outdoor heating, with thermostats for temperature control.

Choose NKAir For Hydronic Heating Solutions

If you’re looking to install a radiant, energy efficient heating system in your home, choose hydronic heating. NK Air’s specialists can design and install a system that suits your needs, helping you heat your home perfectly . Call today on 0426 810 278 for more information or a quote, or send us an email.

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