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Our Air Conditioning Services

We offer a wide range of air conditioning services for residential and commercial systems. Our most popular split system installation services Melbourne include:

  • Split System Installation and Repairs
  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Residential Air Conditioning
  • Air Conditioning Inspection and Maintenance

Multi-Unit Split System Installation Melbourne

If you’ve got multiple areas of your home or business we can plan and install a multi split system. By connecting multiple internal units to one external unit, you can heat and cool your entire home quickly. This solution is far easier to install, cheaper, and offers more control than basic systems. Moreover, filters on each system can prevent dust and allergens from spreading around the home. Talk to our team today about planning a multi-unit system for your home.

What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

Split system air conditioners are named for the way they operate. An external condenser unit collects, cools and heats air from outside, while a unit indoors pushes air through the building. Their size allows them to fit in almost any building, and makes them convenient to use year round. A correctly installed split system should last for years with proper maintenance, saving you money overall. They’re also far cheaper than ducted heating systems while performing at the same level for most buildings. For more information on which system would be best for your needs, talk to our team today.

Commercial Grade Split Systems

We offer commercial air conditioning services for homes and small to medium-size businesses. If you’re looking to get a new system installed, call our team today. Our expert will conduct an inspection of your building to work out which system will best suit your needs. From there, we plan out the installation, working out where each part of the system will go for optimum effectiveness. Finally, our professional team of air conditioning experts will install the system and provide support to get you up and running with your new air conditioning fast.

Call NK Air Split System Installation Melbourne

Every member of our air conditioning team is professionally trained and fully licensed. We’re ready to take on any air conditioning challenge and exceed your expectations. So, when you’re in need of split system installation Melbourne, give our friendly team a call. We also provide other air conditioning services from eastern surburbs to whole Melbourne. Call us now on 0425 671 666 for a free quote.

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