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Let us help you. We strictly follow the rules and regulations of the Building Code of Australia for any ducted heating installation. Since we hold expertise in installing new heating systems, we always finish the work fast. We strategically plan the placement of the central heating system and chart the ductwork across the rooms. We take special care to make sure that air flows uniformly in all rooms and corners. Ducts are carefully concealed from sight.

Are you feeling confused with too many heating choices in the market? When it comes to ducted heating installation, a very popular option in Melbourne is gas ducted heating. These heating systems heat air by passing it over a gas-fired heat exchanger which is circulated in the rooms through insulated ductwork.

NK Air Heating and Air Conditioning are specialists in Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating with a huge amount of experience in the domain. We ensure that all your systems are in place and there are no damages soon.

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When buying a new gas heater for ducted heating installation, it is good to remember the following things.

  • The heating system that you need depends on your home’s floor plan, the size of the rooms that must be heated, and the levels at your home that needs heating.
  • Ease of installation depends on the material which is used to build the house some of which can be brick and mortar, weatherboard or any other material.
  • You must also consider the roofing material too. Certain styles and roofing materials can make the installation quite difficult.

For ducted heating installation, let our experts help you pick the correct gas heater this winter!


Ducted heating systems are ideal for large homes with serious heating needs. They involve a series of pipes and ducts throughout your home, a system that is used to pump out heat from a central unit. With ducted heating, you can heat multiple rooms simultaneously and maintain the temperature of your home with ease. Use a thermostat with your ducted system to regulate the temperature of your home and automate heating and cooling. A good, ducted heating system can keep your home comfortable all year round.

Ducted heating installation is an expert’s job and NK Air Heating and Air Conditioning provide the best installation services within a quick turnaround time.

Ducted heating installation service



Some of the benefits are as below:

  • Systems can be controlled remotely from your device
  • The choice to heat selected part of your home or office
  • Individual zonal temperature control access
  • User-friendly control panel loaded with the best features



These systems are the best and ultimate solution for absolute comfort throughout the year and are apt for home, office, large spaces with many rooms, etc.

Contact our team today to get a free quote for our ducted heating installation services.

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Benefits of Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems

Ducted reverse cycle systems for heating and cooling has some major benefits.

Minimal Visibility

Only a single set of ducts and vents for both processes neatly hidden in floors or ceiling adding to room aesthetics.


Flexible Controls

The entire system can be controlled through a single control panel even remotely with wide heating and cooling temperature choices for different rooms.


Excellent Performance

These systems are very powerful that can heat or cool a space within minutes with uniform air distribution without any temperature fluctuation.


Low Energy Consumption

Power consumption for these systems is very low as they use inverter technology making them energy efficient, thus, low running cost.


Silent Operation

Enjoy noiseless heating and cooling of your room enabling you to sleep peacefully or focus on your work. You do not have outdoor noise as well.


Components of a Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating and Cooling System

These systems are made up of different components that function together for cooling or warming which are:

  • A condenser that is placed outdoors
  • A fan coil unit that is placed indoors
  • A thermostat to maintain temperature
  • Insulated vents and duct work

Call us for any heating and cooling unit installation or repairs. We guarantee quality work at the best price.


How does gas ducted heating work?

Gas ducted heating is usually gas-induced. While natural gas is the more popular source, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is also used in some cases. The system first draws in cold air and heats it. The air is then pushed through a series of ducts before circulating back to the heater. The process is repeated through a return air grille.

Ducted heating installation could be a tricky process for some people, hence expert intervention is always recommended. The thermostat helps you control the temperature. If you need ducted heating installation, contact us today.

How does ducted heating work?

Ducted heating works using a heat exchanger. Reverse cycle ducted heating is the principle that is behind its working. A return air grille helps draw air inside the room. The air is then passed over a heat exchanger and warmed by combustion. The heated air is pushed outward through the ducts. The same principle is used for reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling.

How often should you clean ducted heating?

Ducted heating systems should be cleaned at least once every three years. The maximum period a ducted heating system should be left unclean is five years. If your area has a heavy amount of dust or your family suffers respiratory problems, you can get the ducts cleaned every eighteen months. Try not to do it multiple times a year as too frequent air duct cleaning causes damage.

How long does it take to install ducted?

Installing ducted air conditioning usually takes a single day. Removing tiles or tin sheets could take a bit of time, especially for larger ducts. If you want ducted heating or cooling installation, contact NK Air Heating and Air

Conditioning. We handle not only your installation but take care of your ducted systems even after installation.

How often should you clean ducted heating?

Ducted heating systems should be cleaned every two to three years for better functioning and overall improved health of your family members. If you have young children or elderly people suffering from allergies or pets, get your gas ducted heating cleaned more often.

Is ducted heating gas or electric?

Ducted gas heating normally utilises gas as the power source. It utilises outside air to convert it to heat using gas for power. Reverse cycle air conditioners usually work on electric sources.

How much does ducted heating installation cost?

The cost for a ducted heating installation varies based on different factors, like the size of your house and the type of system you choose. It’s like buying a car; the price changes with the model and the extras you pick. To get a clear picture of what it’ll cost you, reach out to NK Air, and they’ll break it down for you without all the confusing talk.

Is reverse cycle ducted heating suitable for all homes?

Reverse cycle ducted heating can be a good fit for many homes, but it’s like choosing the right shoe; it must fit well. Factors such as the layout of your home, insulation, and even the local climate can impact how well it works for you. NK Air can check out your place and tell you if this system is the perfect match or if another heating solution would be better.

What are the benefits of reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling?

Having a reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling system is like having a two-in-one deal. It keeps your place toasty in winter and cool in summer, all with one system. Plus, it’s efficient, can reduce energy bills, and even filters the air for better quality. NK Air can show you how this smart solution can make your home comfy year-round while being kind to your wallet.

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