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Why Get Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

    • Convenient

Ducted heating is simple to use. They use a single heating system to run cold air through vents and into any room in your home. Ducted systems can be controlled through a thermostat, allowing you to select exactly which rooms are being cooled, and take control of your heating and cooling.

    • Efficient

As ducted systems reach all areas of your home, they can efficiently cool or heat any space. They also use less energy than multi-split systems, as all ducts are run from the single refrigerated cooling unit.

    • Effective

Ducted systems are much faster to cool homes, with optimum duct placement allowing them to blow air perfectly to achieve maximum effectiveness.

    • Economic

Ducted refrigerated cooling systems are among the most economic systems. A ducted system can save you hundreds on your heating and cooling bill.

roof unit ducted heating

A Ducted cooling system is the perfect system to have in a place like Melbourne. With the erratic climate changes in Melbourne, you need a system that can heat and cool all year long. Additionally, they are also very cost efficient. Get your ducted refrigerated installation done today!

The Advantage of having a ducted refrigerated system is

  • It can run all year long.
  • The air entering your home is filtered and pristine;
  • You’re pumping natural, fresh air through your home.

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