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NK Air Heating and Air Conditioning helps with the installation, repair, maintenance, and replacements of the following:


1. Tanks, boilers, systems, and units for:

    • Solar hot water heaters
    • Instantaneous hot water heaters
    • Electric hot water heaters
    • Continuous flow hot water heaters
    • Gas hot water heaters

2. Hot water heat pump

We are best known for the reliability, quality of our work, and affordability of our hot water servicing. You can count on us for hot water heater repair as we deal with all the brands and are well-equipped with all the tools required for a quick fix.

Get your hot water heater repaired to increase its lifespan, saving yourself from the expense of premature replacement. Our expert technicians diagnose and fix various problems, such as leaks, faulty thermostats, or damaged heating elements.

Get Gas Heater Repairs in Melbourne

The team at NK Air Heating and Air Conditioning provides its customers with several gas heater repairs in Melbourne including maintenance and replacement.
Our gas heater repairs in Melbourne ensure that our customers’ water heaters function optimally and reliably. Overall, it provides our customers with comfort, savings, and peace of mind.

Hot Water System Repairs

If your hot water system has broken and needs repairs, our team can come out and fix it fast. We carry a wide range of replacement parts with us and are often able to fix your hot water system on the spot, provided it’s not too far gone. If your system can’t be repaired, we can replace your system with a brand new one, supplying and installing it for your convenience. We maintain complete transparency and let you know about the current status of your system while providing you with hot water system repair services.



If your system is older and just isn’t working as well as it used to, it may simply need some fine-tuning and maintenance to get it back in action. Our team can come out and inspect your system to assess any damage or wear and tear and provide a fix.


In the event your system stops working completely, NK Air can supply and replace it for you. We’ll even take care of your old system, disposing of it through the correct channels at no charge. We can find an equivalent replacement system for you or pick out the best new system to suit your needs. Talk to our team about replacement systems today.



If you’re building and need a brand new hot water system, or need to replace your old system, NK Air’s hot water experts can install professionally. Buy a system yourself and have our experts install it, or talk to our team and we can supply a system that meets your needs and budget.

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We Are Melbourne’s Top Choice for Hot Water Servicing and Repairs

Offices and homes in Melbourne always require a continuous flow of hot water. When the systems fail, it becomes very inconvenient. Below are some reasons why Melbourne people call us for hot water system repair.

  • We take up all jobs: Whatever the issue is, we never say no. From hot water system repair to replacing a damaged part, we always do it without any complaint.
  • Always the correct solution: We are renowned for giving the perfect hot water servicing solution our experts have in-depth knowledge of it.
  • Always fast service: Being well-aware of the need for hot water, we always make sure that all hot water repairs, replacement and servicing are done fast.
  • Same day service: With fast service, we mean same day service. You call us and we fix the issue within a couple of hours. Hot water is at your disposal again.
  • Carry All tools: Our licensed technicians always carry the required tools since they have a good understanding of possible reasons for the system not working.
  • 100% work satisfaction: We give efforts on quality workmanship for top-of-the-line service. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our repairing service.
  • Work across Melbourne: Where ever you need us in Melbourne, we will be there. We provide our hot water servicing across Melbourne.
  • Help you choose the correct system: Talk to us to get sound advice and insight on which system would suit your need, requirement and budget.
  • Reasonable service charge: Our top-quality work comes at a very affordable price. Our charges are low and the best in the industry giving value to your money.
  • Round the clock service: Our trained technicians are available to work on any issue whenever you want them providing 24 hrs service all seven days a week.
  • Service for all brands: We provide our services on any brand and any make of all hot water systems that are available in Melbourne.

Still, need more reasons as to why you should hire us for hot water system repair and other related services? Have a look at our testimonials and see how satisfied our customers are and what they are saying about us.

Reasons for a Hot Water System not Working

A hot water system may not work for many possible reasons some of which are:

  • Broken or worn-out heating coils or elements inside the system
  • The pipes or tanks may have a leak that can be very hazardous
  • The thermostats may not be functioning or coordinating
  • Electrical faults in the switchboard or the line especially a blown-out fuse
  • There can be a leaking PTR valve
  • No pilot light or issue with glow plugs/spark ignitors
  • Gas supply issue or a faulty gas control valve

Call us the moment you need a hot water system repair or installation for hassle-free, quick, superior quality and reliable service.

Call for Hot Water Services Today

With years of experience behind us, NK Air is your local heating and cooling specialist. Get your heating and cooling installed by professionals and save money on your heating and cooling. We also do air conditioning, ducted heating and cooling, hydronic heating and more. Whatever your needs for heating or cooling, you can be sure our team can handle it. Call us today on 0425 671 666 for a free quote.


What are the signs that my hot water system needs servicing, and what should I do if I notice any issues?

If you’re getting lukewarm water, hearing rumbling noises, or seeing rusty water, it might be time for hot water servicing. If your hot water is acting more like a tepid bath, it’s best to call NK Air. They’re like detectives for hot water issues, ready to figure out what’s wrong and fix it up.

How long does it typically take to complete hot water repairs, and what is the cost?

Hot water repairs can be quick fixes or take a bit longer—it all depends on what’s gone haywire. The cost isn’t one-size-fits-all either; it’s like a restaurant bill and varies with your order. NK Air can give you an estimate, so you do not wonder about the time and cost.

What is the best way to troubleshoot and repair a hot water heater?

Troubleshooting a hot water heater starts with looking out for unusual signs—like no hot water, leaks, or strange noises. What is the best way to handle it? Call NK Air for a hot water heater repair. It’s like calling a doctor instead of self-diagnosing—safer and smarter.

Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when attempting gas heater repairs in Melbourne?

Definitely! When it comes to gas heater repairs in Melbourne, it’s serious business. It’s like dealing with a wild animal—you must know what you’re doing. Always leave it to the pros like NK Air to handle it safely, avoiding risks of gas leaks or fire.

What should I do if my hot water system is leaking?

A leaky hot water system is like a ticking time bomb for your utility bills and property damage. Don’t wait; call NK Air for a hot water system repair. They’ll swoop in to stop the leak and save the day, keeping your home dry and your water hot.