Take Care of Your Heating System

If you have multiple rooms that need heating and cooling, ducted air conditioning is the best solution. However, ducted heating systems are machines like any other, and without proper care can build up dust, grime and potentially mould in their vents and ducts. This could break your system, or at worst, blow dust and spores around your home. Contaminated ducted systems can be harmful to you and your family’s health, so it’s important to clean them regularly. If you haven’t had your system inspected in a while, call our team today! With specialised tools we can check your ducted air conditioner, cleaning it completely to ensure you stay healthy and safe. A good clean and regular maintenance will keep your ducted heating operating like new for years and years.

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Professional Heating Repair Team

Our team of expert have years of experience repairing ducted heating systems. We work with leading brands, and can deliver a first-class repairs service no matter what system you have. Ducted heating systems are the ideal heating and cooling solution for homes with numerous separate rooms. They allow you to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home and even manage the temperature of separate rooms. With the introduction of smart thermostats you can control the temperature of your home from your smartphone, wherever you are. Our team can install and repair all systems, and help you get the heating and cooling you need. For ducted heating repairs Melbourne, choose NK Air.

Ducted Heating Repairs in Melbourne

As well as ducted heating repair Melbourne, we offer a range of other air conditioning services, including:


Ducted heating and cooling installation

We can supply and install ducted air conditioning systems for your home or business, working with the industry’s leading brands.


Split system installation and repairs

Our experts can install and repair both single and multi-unit split system air conditioners.


Inspection and maintenance services

Our team will come out and inspect your system for damage and flaws. We can also maintain your systems, keeping them working all year round.


Hydronic heating

Our specialists can design and install hydronic heating (water pipe heating) systems for your home. This kind of heating is perfect for those cold winter mornings, heating bathrooms fast and providing a luxury experience.


Commercial Air Conditioning

We specialise in custom heating and cooling solutions for small to medium businesses. We can plan, install and maintain your systems.

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Modern Ducted Heating Technology

If you have multiple rooms to heat and cool, or simply want to maintain temperature easily throughout your whole home, ducted heating is the way to go. Using vents placed in your walls, floors or ceiling hot or cold air is delivered to each room. A central thermostat keeps temperatures consistent and your home comfortable all year round. Compared to split system air conditioning, ducted heating more effectively heats and cools multiple rooms, and is more convenient to use. Smart thermostats can also be controlled via your smartphone, giving you complete control over the temperature of your home wherever you are. Talk to our team about installing a brand new system or upgrading your existing one today.

Professional Heating Repair Melbourne

Talk to our experts today to find out if a ducted and cooling system is the right choice for you. We inspect your home and determine what the best air conditioning system for your home would be, taking into account your needs and budget. We work on commercial and residential properties all across Melbourne, installing both small and large systems. Call now on 0425 671 666 for ducted heating repairs Melbourne.